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How does a good diet benefit the hair?

Following a healthy diet in your day to day allows you to obtain benefits of all kinds for your body. From benefits for your cardiovascular system, to benefits for your hair. For this reason, today we will talk to you about how good nutrition benefits your hair.

We will give you advice on what type of diet to follow and which ones not. So you can know how to maintain hair care at all times. Stay to read to learn much more.

Tips for a good diet

If you want to show off silky, hydrated, healthy and shiny hair, you must take good care of it. This is something that you can not only do with the help of hair products, but also through your diet, since following a balanced diet allows you to obtain and digest all the nutrients and proteins that your hair needs.

Therefore, if you are losing a lot of hair or feel very weak, it is time to improve your diet. For this we will give you some tips to follow so that you have a well-balanced diet.

Drink lots of water

To keep your hair hydrated, you need to make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. In this way, you will give it shine and it will help you avoid dry hair.

Increase the consumption of vegetables 

Vegetables are full of nutrients that your hair needs, such as biotin. By increasing their consumption, you can improve the health of your hair.

Eat foods rich in protein

Proteins are one of the most beneficial nutrients for your hair. Therefore, consuming foods rich in protein is the most recommended. Some of them can be dairy products, meat, eggs, fish, among others.

Reduce the consumption of foods with saturated fat

All those foods that have a lot of saturated fat (pork, beef, chocolate, butter, among others) are detrimental to your health, including that of your hair. So the most favorable thing will be that you reduce them in order to improve all your well-being.

What diets should you not follow?

Although there are many foods that allow you to improve your diet and your hair, you should be careful with some. There are certain diets that radically change the nutrients your body gets. Thus generating drastic changes throughout your body. An example of this is the keto diet.

This diet is well known for its benefits when it comes to losing weight. However, when it comes to hair care, it is not so. Well, with this diet you are increasing the amount of carbohydrates and reducing the amount of protein. In the absence of protein, your hair can begin to fall, weaken or break.

Nutrients that your hair and body will get

Now, if you avoid drastic diets such as keto or similar and balance your food well, you will have shiny and healthy hair. All this, of course, thanks to the large amount of nutrients that your entire body will obtain. Some of the most beneficial for your hair are:

Vitamins A, B and C



Folic acid


Amino acids


Take care of your health, eat well and your hair will show the results!

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