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At Capilo, we are more than a company; we are a family. From the heart of the Dominican Republic in 1983, we have lovingly cultivated our expertise in creating Dominican and ethnic hair care and cosmetic products. Our story is woven into every corner of our customers' stores and beauty salons, where we offer everything from large containers to half gallons of our products, all designed to enhance your natural beauty.
Quality is our promise, and we take pride in upholding it through our manufacturing plant, accredited with ISO-9001 certification and Good Manufacturing Practices for over a decade. This dedication is reflected in every product we create, bringing the best of the Dominican Republic to diverse locations such as New York, New Jersey, Miami, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Haiti, and Panama.
At Capilo, we understand the importance of caring for your hair at affordable prices without compromising quality. Since 2000, we have grown and evolved, but our essence remains intact: to be a dynamic and approachable organization committed to offering you the best in products and services. We are excited to continue expanding our reach, and we invite you to be part of this beautiful journey.

Our founder...

Hello, I'm Josefina Pujols,
Today, I want to share the touching story behind Capilo. When we started Capilo, my sons José Antonio, Horacio, and Daniel were integral parts, helping after their classes by filling products with spoons and gloves. Back then, we lacked packaging machines and a sizable budget to hire staff. Capilo was born as a family project with the mission of securing a future for my children, providing them a livelihood and nurturing a family legacy.
I am incredibly proud of what they have achieved. From those modest beginnings, seeing that small grain of sand transform into what it is today is a testament to the hard work and dedication of my sons. I thank each of you for being part of this journey, contributing to Capilo's growth. Together, we have built more than a business; we have created an extended family united by a passion for beauty and quality.
With gratitude,
Josefina Pujols
  • Comprehensive Recycling

    We have implemented a comprehensive recycling program covering cardboard, paper, and plastic bags. We are committed to waste reduction and material reuse, promoting a sustainable life cycle for our packaging.
  • Water Recycling

    Recognizing the importance of water, a vital resource for all, we have implemented a rigorous water recycling program in our manufacturing processes. This sustainable approach not only minimizes our water footprint but also advocates for the responsible use of this essential resource.
  • Solar Energy

    In our production plant, we are committed to using renewable energy sources. We operate with solar panels to harness solar energy, reducing carbon emissions and actively contributing to the fight against global warming. This initiative reflects our desire to create a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.
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