Curls with Capilo

Steps to Beautiful and Defined Curls

The dream of everyone with curly hair is to achieve a frizz-free, knot-free mane. But will it be possible to achieve defined and beautiful curls? Of course you do, you just need to use the proper routine. Write down the following tricks and tame that wild mane that has given you so much work.

5 steps to show off defined curls

Achieving controlled curly hair and, at the same time, with volume is not an impossible mission. With the following tips you can restore the shine and give it the definition that you have always wanted.

1. Give it nutrition
Have you heard about pre-poo? It consists of applying some products before washing to provide nutrition to curly hair. In general, ready-made masks are applied, you can apply a few drops of coconut oil and leave for 30 minutes.

Hydrated and nourished hair is the key to making it softer and more manageable. Another option to provide extra nutrition is to use the Capilo Pro b-natural mask, ideal for restoring hair and providing hydration with just 15 minutes of application.

2. Comb it carefully
The key to achieving defined curls begins with proper brushing. Ideally, you should use a wide bristle brush. The reason? It will prevent the fiber from breaking and it will be easier for you to undo the tangles.

3. Take care of the ends
Do you think it is impossible to have curly hair with the perfect ends? Now it will be easy to do so. Our advice is to heal the ends every month and a half.

4. Apply a defining spray
Nothing better to make natural hair stand out than to apply a definition product. But not just anyone, to obtain hydrated hair it is essential to use products free of parabens and sulfates.

With the B-Natural curl spray it is possible to achieve defined curls for longer without causing the hair to suffer. Contains cocoa butter and coconut oil, infallible ingredients to nourish and give shine to hair.

5. Get an extra shine
It doesn't matter if your hair is afro, curly or with loose waves: it should always look shiny. To make your hair shine like the stars, apply a little Serum Esplendor Capilo Pro on dry hair. It gives curly hair a high shine thanks to the combination of argan oil and keratin.

And you, are you ready to show off some beautiful curls from Capilo's hand?
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